Knauf SP Glass

The SP Glass cladding consists of a fireproof natural gypsum core, specially treated to be resistant to water and mold absorption, covered on both sides with inorganic glass fibers treated with an alkali-resistant surface.


It is a substrate for outdoor use, which has dimensional stability and meets the requirements to be the ideal substrate for the EIFS (Exterior Insulation Finish Systems), as well as being a high-performance substrate that allows stony or stucco finishes to be received.


The longitudinal and transverse edges are square.


The SP Glass Knauf coating has a dimensional stability that ensures resistance to deformation, buckling, delamination (even in high humidity). It is equally resistant in both directions, it can be installed both vertically and horizontally.

Greater resistance to mold growth compared to paper-covered plates.

Weather resistance.

It is resistant to all types of disintegration and deterioration in the face of rain.

Quick installation with screws.

Low weight and easy to handle.

Easy installation.

The cut is made easily, does not require special equipment.

It receives different finishes.

High performance in the face of changes in temperature and humidity as it has a low coefficient of expansion.

Resists severe climates.

Surface that offers excellent adhesion to receive the EIFS system.