Benner Mineral Fiber Ceiling

Benner Mineral Fiber Ceilings – Very economical and easy to install acoustic ceilings.

Available in many colors,  many styles, fine surface with very good sound absorption. Patterns directional or non-directional.

Green Materials – Raw materials production process recycle.

Safe spaces –  Humidity bacteria resistant.

 Acoustic  Environment – Noise is unavoidable in our daily life.

When people are having rest working or learning, the noise will bring negative effects.

 Optical Environment –  The Illumination provided by direct light sources will cause a shadow, which

will cause problems for our visual sense and work.  From 0.84 to 0.90 LRR.

All Benner Mineral Fiber Ceiling Products can be recycled to produce new products.

No solid waste needs to be created.

At a certain temperature, after absorbing moisture in the air the tiles become more suitable for bacteria to live in.

It's dangerous for our daily life. to prevent the growth of bacteria effectively is an important performance for ceiling tiles, Benner Mineral Fiber Ceiling tiles are treated with humidity & bacteria resistance technic and special mold-proof coating to stop and kill the bacteria.

The mold-proof coatings are also protective paintings for the panel making the panel moisture resistant. 

For more information about mold please check our informative articles under Benner Club.