Benner Aluminum Ceiling

Benner Aluminum Ceiling: Clip-In | Lay-In | Linear | Grid Tile

Made of superior-quality aluminum plates with the processes of punching, forming, cleaning, washing & surface preservative treatment.

The flexible & environmentally efficient system allows you to meet building requirements while transforming your ceiling with a modern finish.

Can be installed on new or existing 15/16″ exposed tee suspension system in the lay-in models.

Perforated ceilings have outstanding acoustical NCR from  0 .75  to 0.95.  With the  SoundTex system.

It is washable and scrubbable Also, LEEDS Credits for waste management, renewable material & school requirements.

Class A Fire-rated for booth smoke & flame.

Meets all ceiling needs commercial & residential.

*Scroll down for more detailed information on the SoundTex system.


*100% Recyclable    *Rust Proof   *Water Resistant

*Sagging Proof   *Soundex System *Washable

*Mold & Mildew Resistant


Are you tired of battling with toxic mold?

Change to Benner Aluminum Ceiling Tiles Today!