Knauf ST Plasterboard

The Knauf ST gypsum board consists of a fireproof gypsum core, covered with reinforced cardboard, 100% recycled with a light cream finish on the main side, and light brown on the backside. The cardboard on the front comes folded around the longitudinal edges to protect and protect the core and the transverse ends are square-cut to the square.

The longitudinal edges are beveled, in order to facilitate the treatment of joints, and thus provide a uniform finish, between plates. The Knauf ST gypsum board offers a variety of specific thicknesses for application in the dry construction system.

Lightweight and inexpensive material that easily adapts to a wide variety of decorative finishes allowing painting or other decoration and the installation of plaster or wood trim.

Easily cut for quick installation.

The Knauf ST gypsum board does not spread flame as its gypsum core does not give way to combustion and does not transmit temperatures well above 212 ° F (100 ° C) until it has completely calcined.

It is a material that thanks to its physical composition enjoys dimensional and structural stability.

The expansion and contraction in normal atmospheric changes are negligible.

It has a high acoustic component allowing the quality of life inside.

Quick installation.

Resistance to cracking or deformation.

It works as a thermal and acoustic insulator.

Does not emit toxic gases